Exploring Texas, a vast and culturally rich state, often brings to mind images of its famous landmarks like the Alamo and Big Bend. However, for those willing to venture off the mainstream path, the state holds countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. A friend who epitomizes this spirit of adventure is the owner of Jilly Plumbing Co., a company known for its skilled plumbers in Boerne, Texas. An avid traveler, they have uncovered some of Texas’s most secret spots, transforming ordinary journeys into extraordinary experiences.

1. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area: A Mystical Climb

Located in Central Texas, Enchanted Rock is not entirely unknown, but the mystical experiences it offers remain under the radar for many travelers. The massive pink granite dome rising above Central Texas has attracted people for thousands of years. Beyond the typical hiking trails, the back side of the rock offers a less traversed path, perfect for those seeking solitude and a chance to connect with nature. Climbing to the top during off-peak times, perhaps for a sunrise or sunset, presents a breathtaking view that feels like it’s reserved just for you. Nearby, small towns like Fredericksburg offer quaint B&Bs and local cuisine, which perfectly complement the rustic charm of Enchanted Rock.

2. Caddo Lake State Park: A Canopy of Cypress

East Texas holds a mystical allure with Caddo Lake, a sprawling maze of bayous and wetlands that seem more at home in a Louisiana postcard. As Texas’s only natural lake, Caddo creates a hauntingly beautiful landscape with its thick canopy of cypress trees draped in Spanish moss. To truly experience its secretive beauty, consider a guided canoe trip under the moonlight, where the sounds of wildlife fill the air and the stars peek through the moss-laden branches. This spot is ideal for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers looking for peace away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

3. Terlingua Ghost Town: Echoes of the Past

Nestled between Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande, Terlingua is one of Texas’s most intriguing hidden gems. Once a thriving mercury mining town, it now serves as a ghost town that attracts those fascinated by the lore of old Texas. Visitors can explore ruins of old mines and settlers’ homes, and during the first weekend of November, Terlingua hosts its famous chili cookoff, breathing temporary life back into this dusty relic of the past. Staying overnight in one of the local lodges or campsites offers a unique opportunity to stargaze in one of the darkest skies in Texas, adding another layer of magic to this secluded retreat.

Exploring these less-known destinations in Texas not only satiates the thirst for adventure but also brings unique stories and experiences that are seldom found in guidebooks. Each site, from the mystical peaks of Enchanted Rock to the haunting beauty of Caddo Lake and the historic whispers of Terlingua, offers a distinct slice of Texan lore and landscape. So next time you find yourself in the Lone Star State, consider taking the road less traveled — it might just lead you to some of its most unforgettable hidden treasures.…


In 2024, eco-friendly travel has moved from a niche interest to a global movement. As travelers become more conscious of their environmental impact, the demand for sustainable travel options has skyrocketed. This guide offers practical tips and insights on how to explore the world sustainably, ensuring that we preserve the beauty and diversity of our planet for future generations.

Sustainable Travel Tips

  1. Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodations: Look for hotels and lodges that are certified for their sustainable practices.
  2. Low-Carbon Transportation: Opt for public transport, biking, or walking when exploring new places.
  3. Support Local Economies: Engage with local businesses and communities to promote sustainable tourism.
  4. Practice Responsible Wildlife Tourism: Always respect wildlife and natural habitats during your travels.

Top Eco-Friendly Destinations for 2024

  • Costa Rica: Known for its biodiversity and conservation efforts.
  • New Zealand: Offers numerous eco-tourism activities and sustainable travel experiences.
  • Iceland: Pioneering in sustainable energy usage and eco-friendly tourism.

Packing for Sustainable Travel

  • Eco-Friendly Products: Pack biodegradable toiletries and reusable travel accessories.
  • Minimalist Packing: Reduce waste by packing light and choosing versatile items.


  • Q: How can I offset my carbon footprint while traveling?
  • A: Consider investing in carbon offset programs that support renewable energy or reforestation projects.
  • Q: Are there eco-friendly travel certifications I should look for?
  • A: Yes, look for accommodations and tours with certifications like Green Globe or LEED.


Exploring the world sustainably in 2024 is not just about reducing our environmental impact but also about enriching our travel experiences. By adopting eco-friendly practices, we can enjoy the world’s wonders responsibly, ensuring they remain vibrant and intact for years to come.…

Smiling woman taking self-portrait with digital camera below Big Ben clocktower

Are you an environmentally conscious traveler? Do you want to ensure your travels have a minimal environmental impact? Here are some tips for sustainable travel that can help reduce your ecological footprint:

  1. Pack Lightly

To reduce your carbon emissions, minimize the amount of stuff you bring when traveling. And this means bringing what is necessary and avoiding overpacking. Most travel destinations have the items you require to enjoy your stay. Therefore, carry what you may need help finding at your destination.

  1. Choose Low-Impact Transportation 

Whenever possible, go for public transportation or cycling instead of flying or driving to reduce your environmental impact. If car rental is necessary, choose hybrid or electric cars as they emit fewer pollutants than regular vehicles.

  1. Respect Nature 

Be mindful of nature around you and follow the Leave No Trace principles while traveling (leave what you find, take only memories). Avoid disrupting animal habitats or taking them from their natural environment. Respect local cultures and customs by following the rules set up by the locals.

  1. Support Local Communities 

One of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact is to support local communities when traveling. Buy locally produced items such as food, souvenirs, and other handmade items instead of imported goods whenever possible.

  1. Reduce Your Waste 

Aim to reduce waste while traveling by bringing reusable bags and containers for packing food and drinks and avoiding single-use plastics wherever possible. Also, refill a water bottle at your destination instead of purchasing water in disposable bottles.

These are just a few tips for sustainable travel that can help you reduce your environmental footprint while still enjoying your trips. Remember that minor changes can make a big difference. Happy eco-friendly travels!…

Traveling on a tight budget can be challenging. However, after speaking with Jil Goulet of Jilly Plumbing, a close friend of mine out in Texas, we talked and felt that it’s defiantly not a reason to avoid traveling altogether, instead we discussed the topics that were important to us and agreed we shared the same interests. So as a recap, with the following tips, you can enjoy traveling to your favorite destinations despite your constrained finances.

Research Different Types of Accommodations

With the rise of Airbnb, many accommodation options exist, from hostels and hotels to private homes and apartments. Research beforehand to find out what kind of accommodation best suits your budget and needs.

Use Points and Rewards Programs

If you’re a frequent traveler, sign up for loyalty programs by airlines or hotel chains to get discounts and other benefits such as free upgrades or extra points. 

Consider Ridesharing Services

Ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft can be an affordable way to get around a city while on vacation. Be sure to compare different services’ costs to determine the most cost-effective.

Plan Your Meals

Eating out can be a fun way to experience a new culture, but it can also quickly add up if you need to be more careful. Consider researching local supermarkets and markets to purchase groceries for some of your meals. 

Take Advantage of Free Activities

Many cities offer free attractions such as city tours or walking tours, which are great ways to explore and learn about the destination without spending much money. 

Buy Travel Insurance

While it may seem unnecessary, travel insurance offers protection from unexpected events such as medical emergencies or flight delays, which could cost a lot of money. 

Pack Wisely

Pack only the essentials to avoid unexpected baggage fees, and be mindful of weight restrictions when flying. 

Look out for Deals

Many apps and websites offer exclusive discounts on flights, hotels, and other travel services, so it’s worth taking some time to do your research before booking a trip. 

Following these tips will help you save money while enjoying a fantastic vacation in 2023. Remember that budget travel is all about being smart with your spending, so you don’t have to sacrifice experiences or fun during your travels. …

Traveling helps build up a strong personality. Exciting travel periods subject you to different environments that can positively affect openness, emotions, and other personality aspects. Moreover, this can change your overall perception of the world. Here is how travel can enhance your personality. 

1.     It Boosts In Decision-Making 

Adventures require planning. These plans may not come out as expected, and you must make urgent decisions. You become a problem solver by learning how other people handle their issues without assistance. 

2.     You Boost Creativity

Traveling has challenges, but learning along the way adapts you to new creative ways of solving problems. It improves your creativity when you witness the practices of other cultures and understand the differences in how people live their lives.

3.     It Broadens Your Perspective 

Traveling brings a unique vision of the world, which gives you a better understanding of your life and that of others. These factors give you different angles of approaching life.

4.     You Learn How to Be Independent

In most cases, when we travel, we are responsible for taking care of ourselves. Learning how to be independent, manage finances, and become responsible is an important thing that everybody needs to know. Solo travel, in particular, is vital because it teaches you to handle and overcome challenges independently.  

5.     Feeling Inspired

Adventures inspire life explorers. New experiences help people understand what they want to achieve. Learning and inspiration are two privileges of every traveler. When you travel, you learn new things that inspire you to do things differently.

6.     Sense of Self-Awareness and Self-Empowerment 

Traveling allows you to experience new things and interact with new people. You learn more about yourself, what you like, the kind of environments you enjoy, and the people whose company you want. You know the things you are interested in and your behavior when you’re not around people you know. Thus, you know yourself better when you travel away from home. 


There are numerous ways traveling helps individuals improve their personalities. Traveling is not the only solution to positive character development. However, it can be a great way to get on the right trajectory.…

Many people yearn to go on a luxury vacation. Whether you want to explore the world or relax in a secluded paradise, planning a luxury getaway can be daunting. But with some research and preparation, your vacation could be unforgettable. Here are practical tips on how to plan a luxury vacation in 2023:

Choose Your Destination

Start by exploring different countries or continents that appeal to you. Do your research on local attractions, exciting cultures, and activities available so you can narrow down what will best fit your wants and needs. 

Set Your Budget

Take the time to know the amount of money you have to spend on the trip beforehand, so it’s easier to make decisions within those parameters when selecting hotels, transportation methods, etc. 

Book Accommodations

Select a hotel or resort that fits your budget and offers the amenities you’re looking for, such as spa and fitness centers, room service, and child-friendly activities. 

Choose Activities

Choose activities that will make for an enjoyable and memorable vacation, from beach days to theme parks to sightseeing tours. Research the available discounts or deals on admission fees to maximize your budget. 

Make Travel Arrangements

Book flights or other transportation methods ahead of time, so there are no surprises when it comes to cost or availability. 

Enjoy Your Time

Don’t forget to have some fun. And you can do this by relaxing by the pool, indulging in delicious cuisine, or exploring local markets. Whatever you choose to do, ensure you make the most of your vacation. 

2023 is the perfect year to plan a luxury vacation. With so many unique destinations, activities, and services to choose from, you can create a unique and unforgettable experience. When you follow these steps, you will be well on making your dream of a luxury vacation come true in 2023. With research and careful planning, your trip can quickly become one of the most memorable experiences of your life.…

Group travel can be a great way to explore new places, meet and interact with new people, and experience exciting activities. With the correct planning, it can also be rewarding and cost-effective. Here are vital tips to get the most out of your upcoming group travel adventure: 

Plan Ahead 

Give yourself plenty of time before your trip starts to plan where to go and what activities you want to do. Proper planning will help ensure that everyone in the group is on the same page about expectations for the trip. 

Research Activities 

Get familiar with all of the available activities at your destination. Not only will this allow you to plan your itinerary better, but it will also ensure that there’s something for everyone in the group. 

Make a Budget 

Determine a budget for the trip and stick to it to save money and get the most from your travels. That way, no one in the group will be surprised by unexpected costs. 

Set Ground Rules 

Establish guidelines that everyone should follow while on the trip. And this could include things such as how late people can stay out at night or where they can go and what activities they’re allowed to do without permission from other group members. 


Open communication is crucial when it comes to successful group travel planning. Talk openly with your fellow travelers about expectations, plans, and any concerns you may have before departing on your journey together. 


Lastly, remember to enjoy yourself! Group travel is a great way to explore the world and create lasting memories with your friends. Make sure to take lots of pictures and savor every moment of your adventure.

Following these tips, you and your group can have an enjoyable, cost-effective, and memorable time on your upcoming trip. You can get the most from your group travel experience with advanced planning and communication with fellow travelers! 

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Peru is a country in South America known for its ancient Incan ruins, archaeological sites, and stunning natural beauty. From the mystical Machu Picchu to the majestic Amazon rainforest, Peru offers travelers a plethora of exciting destinations to explore. Here are 12 of the best tourist attractions in Peru that you should not miss out on.

1. Machu Picchu: Located high up in the Andes Mountains, the mysterious ancient citadel of Machu Picchu is one of Peru’s most famous and beloved attractions. Built by the Incas in the 15th century, this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site is a feat of engineering with its intricate stonework and terraces still intact today. You can explore this remarkable site via train or hike along one of three classic trekking routes – Salkantay Trek, Lares Trek, or Inca Trail – to reach this iconic destination.

2. Colca Canyon: The second deepest canyon in the world, Colca Canyon offers some amazing landscapes. This massive canyon has two distinct levels that stretch for over 10 miles and offer stunning views from its highest point at 4200 meters above sea level. Make sure to visit during breeding season (May-October) when you’ll be able to witness thousands of Andean Condors flying overhead!

3. Cusco & Sacred Valley: A must-visit for anyone traveling to Peru is Cusco and the Sacred Valley situated just outside it. Known as “the heartland of the Inca Empire”, this stunning region was once home to some of South America’s most powerful civilizations and boasts captivating historical sites such as Sacsayhuamán Fortress, Qorikancha Temple and Pisac archaeological complex among others. The area also offers spectacular mountain scenery with plenty of trekking opportunities available.

4. Lake Titicaca: Nestled between Peru’s southern border and Bolivia is Lake Titicaca – one of South America’s largest lakes and home to several fascinating islands including Isla Amantaní where visitors can observe traditional pre-Incan cultures still alive today! Explore these beautiful islands while cruising around on a traditional wooden boat or simply take a moment to admire its gorgeous landscapes from atop one of its many hillsides offering sweeping views over Lake Titicaca’s deep blue waters below.

5. Nazca Lines: Located in the middle of an arid desert plateau stretching more than 50km along Peru’s south coast are the enigmatic Nazca Lines – vast geoglyphs believed by some experts to have been created by an ancient civilization over 2,000 years ago! From their viewpoint at Mirador Natural de los Cantos de Nazca, visitors can look down onto these mysterious designs that depict animals such as spiders, monkeys and hummingbirds among other things carved into the terrain below them– an experience unlike any other!

6. Amazon Rainforest: Covering 60% of Peru’s landmass is Amazon Rainforest – lush tropical jungles home to breathtaking biodiversity often referred to as “the lungs of our planet”! Take a journey deep into Amazonia’s untouched wilderness either via four-wheel drive vehicle or boats down one of its winding rivers – you never know what you might come across! Scenic walks through sand dunes blanketed in bright green vegetation will leave you mesmerized by its natural splendor waiting for you around every corner!

7 Lima City: The capital city Lima is often overlooked but there are many great attractions here worth visiting such as Plaza Mayor where colonial architecture lines up like soldiers against a backdrop brightly colored Spanish colonial buildings; Museo Larco – an impressive museum filled with artifacts dating back several centuries; Huaca Pucllana – an archeological site located right amidst modern city life that showcases impressive adobe pyramids; Parque del Amor – romantic spot overlooking Lima Bay with breathtaking views; among others!

8 Chan Chan: In northern Peru lies Trujillo City home to one major attraction – Chan Chan Archaeological Site – once center stage for Chimú culture and largest pre-Colombian city built from sun-dried mud bricks in all Latin America! Marvel at its impressive designs depicting everything from agricultural scenes featuring llamas being herded by farmers amongst geometric shapes carved deep into walls reaching up 8 feet tall and 30 feet wide! A truly unique sight not easily forgotten by those who visit it!

9 Kuélap Ruins & Gocta Falls: For those looking for adventure off-the-beaten path then head eastwards towards Chachapoyas region where you’ll find two incredible attractions – Kuélap Ruins perched atop mountaintop fortress surrounded high stone walls enclosing numerous houses within it plus Gocta Falls – tallest waterfall wholly contained within Peruvian territory located 3 hours away boasting 771 meters height (2 531 feet)!

10 Colca Canyon: Perched high up in Peru’s Puno region lies the famous Colca Canyon – one of deepest canyons in world measuring over 3,270 meters (10 723 feet) deep! Hike through its fertile valleys and admire picturesque views offering an insight into traditional way life as locals continue to use age-old techniques for agriculture! Hot springs are scattered throughout valley plus if you’re lucky enough you may get chance to spot endangered Andean Condor soaring overhead while trekking through canyon.

11 Machu Picchu: Last but not least is undoubtedly most iconic symbol of Peru – the legendary “Lost City” Machu Picchu located atop a mountain ridge located 2,430 meters (7 972 feet) above sea level. Despite its popularity, this UNESCO World Heritage Site remains an incredibly popular tourist destination thanks to the incredible views it provides over Sacred Valley plus its impressive Inca architecture still intact centuries after it was built!

12 Lake Titicaca: Lastly, for those hoping to get off-the-beaten path then venture up towards Peru’s highest navigable lake Lake Titicaca – a vast body of water perched 3,810 meters (12 500 feet) above sea level stretching across borders between Peru and Bolivia situated within Andes Mountain Range! Spend day out exploring islands like Amantaní Isla del Sol or Copacabana while admiring its crystal clear deep blue waters. You can even stay overnight in traditional hotel made entirely out of reeds! Truly an unforgettable experience for any traveler looking to explore Peru’s great outdoors!

These are just some of the amazing attractions that you can visit while traveling through Peru. There is something for everyone, from ancient ruins and spectacular waterfalls to modern cities with vibrant culture and stunning views – whatever it is you’re seeking on your journey make sure to check out a few of these destinations so that you don’t miss out on all the wonders this magical country has to offer!